Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grateful 47/365

Grateful for smart looking roosters, even if they're not mine.

I told my man that someday when we move I hope it can be to a place where we can have a nice family dog and about a dozen chickens.


Sheila said...

I was just talking about this yesterday! Yay chickens! :-)

LeAnna said...

Handsome rooster! I won't keep one at our house, they are too noisy and my neighbors might not appreciate it. ;) But, having chickens is so fun! Q loves going out to get eggs every day.

Kristi said...

Oh, you'd love it here. One of our neighbors has about ten hens and two roosters just running around in the yard. They never cross the road. They stay in the yard. OH! And we all like the one, lone duck that runs with them. We're pretty sure he thinks he's a chicken too.