Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Best Surprise

It's not very often that people pull surprises off on me. Maybe it's because I'm just not a very "surpriseable" person. Perhaps I read into things too much, or maybe I just know too much, or maybe I'm just not easily surprised, or maybe I'm just not really a fun person to surpise, or maybe it's because few people have really tried. Whatever the case, I can count on one hand--maybe one finger--how many times I've been completely shocked by someone's careful planning.

It was our 2 month anniversary and I had spent the day thinking constantly of Andy and missing him so bad. I desperately wished we could celebrate this special little milestone together; but he would be home the next day, and I comforted myself with that happy little fact.

I was in the kitchen helping my mother in-law make dinner when my cell phone started ringing my favorite ring tone. Andy was calling. (I happen to really like it when he calls, for your information.) He asked me to do him a favor... He needed a certain document that was left on the desk in the bedroom. I was to run down and get it and call him right back.

So, I run down the steps, turn on the light and hear a sharp rap on the door leading to the garage. I don't know who would dare to interrupt me from running my little errand for Andy, but I was kind enough to answer since nobody else was around. I assumed it was somebody for my father in-law.

I open the door. I see flowers. I see soldier. I see twinkling blue eyes. I see my man. ANDY! Next thing I know I'm wrapped in his arms. "Happy Anniversary," he whispered.

I have never before in all my life been so surprised. It was totally the sweetest thing ever and I couldn't get over the shocking thrill all evening! Those flowers.... that sweet card.... and best of all: my romantic soldier sweetheart was home!

Did you know my husband is wonderful???