Sunday, August 17, 2008

On the Subject of Honeymoons

And so today the honeymoon topic was broached by a young female member in the family.

"I think a honeymoon is when two people go to a place they really, really like for a few days. If they're not husband and wife they have to get married first. It's kind of like a date. I think you and Andy will do something like, maybe have fun...? I don't know."

I try to keep a straight face.

"Hey Britt, can't you just tell me what a honeymoon is?" She begged, adding, "I'm kind of sheltered, you know."

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last Get-Away With My Family

I'm signing in from a motel in Appleton where I'm enjoying a little weekend vacation with my family. They were asked to sing at a festival here and so we made a nice little trip of it. And since I have exactly 2 weeks left before I turn into a Mrs., I got my wedding plans to a point where I can take a little break from them and join in the family fun.
Little Sis--and guest book attendant--Tabitha upon the commencement of our trip

Siblings Tabby, Zack, Levi and Hannah
Tuning up quick en route to the venue... Yeah, we were running late
Zack, Hannah, Levi and myself

Friday, August 15, 2008

Excitement Reigns

We're getting pretty excited around here. It is now, in Andy's terms, "14 days and 1 wake up" before we are married.

Janae (my niece and flowergirl) speaks often of "Beemoo's Wedding"... I think she's just a little eager to see her Beemoo get married... that, and for Janae to wear her pretty little white dress--as unfortunate as it is in her mind that it is not pink.

And I just got my flowers finalized. Yet another thing that gets crossed off my list.... and another thing that makes the whole big day seem more real and close and exhileratingly exciting. Strange how details being accomplished can excite a girl so much--"Yay! I'm getting married, my flowers are finalized!"

It's the wedding bug. It bites and you get a little.... weird.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

...20 More Days...

The count-down is on! It has been for the last couple months, actually. But now we are at less than one month... less than three weeks... and each day that passes the thrill of excitement heightens. As Andy says, this is much worse than waiting for Christmas and birthdays when we were little!

Ahhh.... So true...

Add to that, it was a wonderful experience to be at a dear friend's wedding this past weekend. My joy for her and knowing it will be me soon increases my excitement to the third degree.
In 20 days I will be Andy's wife...

In 20 days we will pose for endless, countless pictures
In 20 days I will be surrounded by people I love who will celebrate the biggest joy of my life with me
In 20 days I will bid my parents goodbye to begin a family of my own.

9 more days until Andy comes home... 11 days after that we will become man and wife. The thrill is almost more than I can bear. Did I mention that I'm excited?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Time With Family

In spite of Andy's absence, I have been grateful for the interruption of out-of-town family this weekend. My niece (and flower girl!), Janae, and I sporting our favorite color tennis
My adorable nephew, Alex, who did me the favor and learned how to walk recently. Can't wait to see him walk down the aisle with a ring pillow.

The goofiest of them all, my nephew (and second ringbearer), Landon


Dancing with Alex

[More photos here]

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fond

It's been nine days since I've been able to see Andy. Nine painfully long days... With fourteen more to go. Such is army life.

Fortunately this period of time came at a busy time for me. Our wedding is twenty-five days away and there should be plenty to do to occupy my time and make it go a little faster. But.... I find time inches along at a snail's pace and my hands accomplish the things on my endless to-do list much too quickly. It's a tragedy to look at my list now and find I have crossed off everything I wanted to do in three weeks in half that time.

And while his absence is keenly felt, I find every thought revolves around the man I love. It is true that absence does make the heart grow even fonder and the love grow even deeper.