Friday, August 15, 2008

Excitement Reigns

We're getting pretty excited around here. It is now, in Andy's terms, "14 days and 1 wake up" before we are married.

Janae (my niece and flowergirl) speaks often of "Beemoo's Wedding"... I think she's just a little eager to see her Beemoo get married... that, and for Janae to wear her pretty little white dress--as unfortunate as it is in her mind that it is not pink.

And I just got my flowers finalized. Yet another thing that gets crossed off my list.... and another thing that makes the whole big day seem more real and close and exhileratingly exciting. Strange how details being accomplished can excite a girl so much--"Yay! I'm getting married, my flowers are finalized!"

It's the wedding bug. It bites and you get a little.... weird.


Becc@ said...

Wow! That is exciting!

But, um, Britt. You've always been alittle weird. I don't think anything's new. :D ;)lol.

(psst, I'm more myself today. :P)

NellBell said...

I'm excited for you, too! I can't wait to see some pictures - I'm just positive it'll be a beautiful wedding! :D Your niece and nephews are just the cutest and they will be a nice addition to your wedding... even if the dress itsn't pink! ;)