Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grateful 46/365

Grateful for footwear? He's not. No matter how much I adore adorable infant footwear, I can't seem to convince him to keep wear it.


Anonymous said...

If I had feet that cute, I wouldn't want them covered up either! haha! makes me want to tickle 'em!


A Heart of Praise said...

Now that looks like a handy little chair! :) Where did you find it? My eight month old can sit up by herself, but when I am cooking etc. it would be nice to have something to put her in near me. Plus, my husband and I are expecting our second in August:).

Your little guy is adorable! I am holding off on the little shoes until my little one walks (for the most part). It is so hard to keep them on their cute little feet:). They sure are cute though!

LeAnna said...

He's so cute, and we should definitely keep in touch, Godly raised kids are getting harder to find! ;) None of my babies ever liked footwear, either. I finally made a cloth shoe that stays on Sprig pretty well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brittney,
I agree with your comment on adorable footwear not wanting to stay on adorable toes!
Here was my solution: "Robeez" shoes! Not only are they soo cute, but they stayed on (and saved $ on all the socks I lost...) :)
Check them out and see what you think.
BTW, very cute son!
All the best,
Doris Jaster