Monday, April 27, 2009

My Man

I can't help but recall with fondness the sweet experience I had on the evening of April 27th, one year ago. I had been noticing a quickly growing fondness in my heart towards a certain man who had recently extended the arm of friendship to me. I found that I admired him so much more than I had ever admired anyone in my life, and that both scared and amazed me. I knew we would be life-long friends; but deep down I desperately wanted it to be more than that. Especially, for some unexplained reason, the longing was strongest the night of April 27, 2008. And that's when he asked the "deepest question of them all," as he put it. Would I begin a relationship with him?

Obviously you know what my answer was.

It was a man I always wanted. One who was strong, and brave, and kind, and true. One who would have the courage to be everything he was meant to be. One who knew and stood for what he believed, and was not ashamed of it. I wanted a man who would fight for me if he had to. I wanted a loyal man who would protect me. I wanted one who could love and cherish me for who I was. And the only man that could win my timid heart would be a man who was not afraid of its contents.

Andy was and is that man, and still so much more. He is my man, and I am so proud of him. I am so lucky.

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Kate said...

Yep, "A man that would sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset!"
I remember a conversation or two about our ideal men :)

Isn't God great!