Tuesday, April 28, 2009

El Paso, Texas!

It was so much fun to board a plane and go to a state I had never been to before to be with my man whom I had not seen for so long. Of course, it was a trip that I had spent months looking forward to with excitement and dreading with agony all at the same time. I knew it would be a very sweet and wonderful time of being together with my husband again, but the goodbye that was to follow would be the worst yet.

I was right.

It was a blast traveling with fellow-sweethearts...

During a layover at the Dallas Ft. Worth airport sporting our new favorite T-shirts that claimed, My soldier is hotter than yours!

:: :: ::
First hugs... together at last--my brother and his fiancee
(My husband's company wasn't released for another hour, so there was no one around to take these kinds of pictures for us... sadness, I know.)

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Just a glimpse of one of the many mountain ranges around El Paso and surrounding areas--view from our hotel.

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Nothing so sweet as being together!

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My favorite picture from the zoo--a spider monkey

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:: :: ::

Forever and Always!!

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It was so wonderful to spend that time together!

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...Saying Goodbye...


Kate said...

Looks like you had a good time! (before the goodbye anyway.) I love that picture of you sitting on Andy's lap. Too cute! :)

Kristy said...

Oh how exciting and sweet! How much time did you get to spend with him? Is he gone again? There is nothing like the feeling of missing your man. It is a lonliness that is hard to fill - no matter how hard you try. Fortunately those days for me are over - but they lasted for the first 9 yrs. of our marriage.

Kristy said...

I just read your previous post - so now I know it will be a long separation for you both. You and he are in my prayers. Comfort and peace for you, and peace and safety for him. For both of you to feel God's love around you.

kari and kijsa said...

What a great reunion! Great photos and memories made!
kari & kijsa

Deborah said...

Awww! I love these pics! So cute! Your shirts are awesome! =) ;) Love you girl! <3