Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photo Archives

:: T H E H O N E Y M O O N ::
a week of bliss on a carribean beach
:: W E D D I N G B E L L S ::
pictures on my camera from our big day.
[unfortunately, we do not have access to the rights to our professional images]
August 30, 2008
:: T H E B A C H E L O R E T T E P A R T Y ::
cram nine girls into a hotel room the night before the wedding and share gifts,
chocolate, laughter and... tattoo's!

very fun way to spend one's last night of being single.
:: T H E R E H E A R S A L ::
decorating the church, practicing the music, rehearsing the wedding.
the big day is almost here!
:: G I R L ' S D A Y ::
girls' day shopping the week of the wedding
:: F A M I L Y T I M E ::
last opportunity to participate in family events as a single girl
August 2008
photos from the bridal shower
July 28, 2008

:: D A T I N G D A Y S ::
love so new and fresh and unexplored.
May 2008

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