Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dating Days

Nothing so sweet as going back in time to memories made when love was so new and fresh and unexplored. Falling in love with my Andrew was an amazing experience. Truth be told, he tripped me and made me fall hard. And boy, he does not cut it out! He makes me fall flat on my face every day, and I'm so twitterpated I love every minute of it. Which is good. It makes marriage so wonderful... Keeps that love feeling so fresh and new and the more we explore of it, the more we discover we have a lifetime of it yet to explore! It's a grand thing to be married to that boy.

Our first picture together. You should've seen the comments on facebook when this appeared as my profile picture the following day.

:: :: ::

Hanging out before he had one of his drill weekends... I always thought he looked so handsome in his ACU's. Of course, that wasn't the only thing that attracted me to him, in case you're wondering.

:: :: ::

Back when the thought of bearing his name was a thought that seemed too good to be true. A novel idea for somewhere in the remote future, I tell you. And, as you can see, I liked it. A lot.

:: :: ::

Doing what he does best; and that would be.... teasing me. He hasn't changed either.

:: :: ::

On top of the world. And I really loved being close to him. I still do.

:: :: ::

Everything he did made me smile. Crazy love.

:: :: ::

A romantic evening by the lake...


Megan said...

Aw, Brit, I LOVED this post. So sweet. Praying for Andy and for you that the next four months go quickly.

Deborah said...

Very cute!

Ashley said...

I came across your blog today, and I must say, I love it. This was such a sweet post.

Anonymous said...

Love that bottom picture especially!!