Thursday, October 20, 2011


So, if you are subscribed to this blog by some sort of feed, you probably saw the post from the other night that is currently not on the blog. Fear not. It shall return, when it is completed. I'm not sure if I can blame it on my computer with the large mouse pad my hands are constantly tripping over, or if it's some random decision blogger made to just post what I was in the middle of saying, or if I was just getting carried away with typing and accidentally hit just the right buttons (or would that be all the wrong buttons?) that had me staring at the screen that tells me my post has successfully been published.

I feel that what I had to say the other night is important, but there's so much more to it. I have to stew on it and let it simmer for awhile before I can give it to you, and I also need to give it to you in its entirety. So if you're subscribed to me, you can most likely see the sneak peek, but know there is more that's coming. As long as we're talking about it, if you have thoughts you want me to consider, feel free to email me at If you're totally in the dark as to what I'm talking about, it's my thoughts on how to handle a loved one's suffering; particularly in the area of miscarriage.


LeAnna said...

I saw that and figured it was a miss-fire! I only saw a few lines, and figured it was about miscarriage. Looking forward to reading what you have to say about it. I know so, so, so many women who have suffered from a miscarriage, but most of my dearest friends have not. We lost our first baby a week after I found out I was pregnant, so I hadn't had just tons of time to get attached. It definitely hurt, and that week of excitement contained emotions that no other pregnancy has. I think that's the sad part. You only get that first pregnancy test once. I'll never forget the shock, and the awe, and the giddiness of it. While we were sooo excited to be pregnant again less than 4 months later, you always have that miscarriage in the back of your mind, and the fear nearly taints the excitement. It's truly bittersweet...
I know miscarriage is common, but like I said, my closest and dearest friends have never experienced it and have no idea how it feels, so I often feel like I'm the lone ranger in that department. I don't struggle with feelings about it, and I'm thankful because God ultimately knows what is best, but what I don't think people understand is that miscarriage is always, always at the back of your mind with every pregnancy. THAT is what is hard for me...ANYWAY - sorry for the novel comment. :) LOVE that picture of your little man!

Steph said...

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks - 1 week after I found out that I´m pregnant. It was my greatest wish to be pregnant and the disappointment and anger and rage afterwards was huge. The worst was that I nearly lost my faith, I couldn´t pray and I always thought I did something wrong. I didn´t help that the nurses at the hospital were unsensible and incompetent.
It took me more than 1 year to recover and more than 3 doctors to tell me that it wasn´t my fault and that there was nothing I could have done to prevent it.

It´s more than 1 year ago and I´m still not pregnant again - which hurts. But I don´t lost hope yet.