Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why Yes, It Has Been Awhile

...A really long while, she admits sheepishly as she realizes it has been over a month... More like nearly two whole months.

But you should be happy to know that all remains happy and well and mostly lovey-dovey.

The reason for my absence is simple really, however inexcusable that I really did not feel like going to all the complicated trouble of trying to swype my excuses out to you on my Droid. Just accept my apologies while I move on to explaining the situation. Since moving to this apparently too-remote-for service location, the internet options were slim and complicated and expensive to say the least. We think we may have found a solution, but it is on the slow side and its reliability has yet to be seen.

The good news is, internet and time permitting, I hope to get back in the swing of blog things. My baby boy keeps on getting cuter, if you can believe that. He also has a brand new baby girl cousin who is the epitome of beauty and you will die when you see photos of her sweetness. Jimmy happens to adore her and is a good big-cousin to her.

Life is beautiful. Much like how Autumn is this year.

Stay tuned! Photos, recipes, updates, thoughts.... have the potential of appearing in the near future.


LeAnna said...

You've been missed!

beka said...

this is so sweet.
i love random updates. even though yes, you have been missed!