Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Because Every Dog Needs a Little Boy

Meet LeBeau: 
 His middle name is Dork, or it should be anyway. 
Once upon a time he was lonely and little boy-less. It made him sad. He was a sad dork. 

And then came the day that he met the Jimmy.

It was love. Love at first sight. LeBeau felt as though this little boy that came to visit him was his. And no little boy of his would ever be out of his sight.

The little boy grew.

...And so did LeBeau's love for the little boy.

And so ends the tale of the sad lonely LeBeau Dork and how he became the Happy LeBeau Dork.


Bailey said...

cute! =) I <3 Labeu!

LeAnna said...

Adorable!!!! Weenie dogs are so sweet.

beka said...

awww. that is such a sweet story :D

Jessica said...

Adorable....every boy needs a dog!!