Monday, April 18, 2011

Grateful 43/365

Grateful? Ah yes, grateful for snuggly blankets to hide in. It's nearing the end of April, and I'm grateful for warm, snuggly blankets. Absurd? Absolutely. Why? Because there's an estimated amount of up to 6 inches of snow coming. And for THAT, I hate to say, I am NOT grateful. 
Me to Hubby: "Can we move???"


Jessica said...

Yikes for the snow...but the picture is precious :)

Sheila said...

So sweet. :-) I just found your blog via the courtship stories on YLCF, and I've so enjoyed reading all through your blog. What a beautiful testimony you and your family have!

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Ditto Jessica; I'm *so* ready for summer! But the picture makes me grin and it'll cheer up anybody else who has winter blues I'll bet!
James is such a sweetheart :)