Friday, April 22, 2011

The Boy Can Scoot!

... and other random things because they're cute little details and I don't want to forget them ...

The little Jimmy boy has had all the movements down, and was strong enough to get from A to B aboard his chubby little tummy, but the coordination just wasn't working yet. Until the other night. He worked hard, and he figured the scoot thing out. It's slow, but he's got it down. Watch out world.

He loves mirrors.

He has a favorite big boy food now. Popcorn. It made him figure out how to work his tongue so he can swallow it. So far that's the only solid food he's interested in.

He expresses himself by adamantly kicking and punching all four limbs. Happy, sad, angry, excited, scared, silly, eager, tired, awake... he has this massive workout session when he wants to communicate. So cute.

Last night he was crabby, so I was holding him while visiting with a friend in my kitchen. Suddenly I felt a peculiarly warm sensation. I looked. And there was poop. Everywhere! It seeped through his diaper, his shirt, my shirt... and then some. Poop ga-LORE. I started running water in the kitchen sink for a bath, peeled his poopy clothes off of him and removed his diaper. I stood his naked little self up, trying to wipe off the excess poop so it could be more of a warm water bath and less of a poop bath, when he cheerfully made the situation more fun and peed all over the kitchen rug.


Motherhood rocks. Where else can you find such an unpredictable job that's so disgustingly cute?

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Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness; that's the most adorable thing EVER! He's at such a cute stage in his baby-life.. you must be very proud of such a doll ;) I sure would be!
keep us updated please, he's too cute to "not" have more pictures taken :)