Monday, September 20, 2010

Organizing Challenge: Week 1

Remember my personal organizing challenge? I kind of doubted my abilities entering into it, but I have the first week down and it is with great pride that I admit to having a much more functional kitchen. I love it! I learned a few things this last week.

  1. Start with a smaller project and complete it to perfection before going on to the next. That way, when you're threatened to be discouraged in your endeavors, slide open that little drawer and try not to drool in it as you relish the amazing sense of satisfaction. You shut the drawer with the attitude of I can so do this!
  2. Out of sight, out of mind. It's true. And when it comes to kitchens, it's also bad. Not a good thing to not be aware of the food you have around the place. The stuff that had to get thrown out was sad... But on the other hand, I don't have to do a whole lot of grocery shopping for awhile, aside from the normal perishable items.
  3. Cleaned, organized kitchens are ah-maaaaz-ing!
So, without further ado, let me show you the after product of my endeavors for the last week. No, it's nothing fancy or magazine-worthy, but it's certainly functional and so far everything in the kitchen has a place and everything in the kitchen is in its place! (That says something, doesn't it?)

Under the Sink:

My soaps, cleaners, scrubbers, plastic bags, paper/plastic cups & plates and napkins are all easily accessible and viewable. I also love having hooks for throwing damp towels and wash cloths on so they don't clutter up the sink and counter area.

Island Cupboard:

I have plenty of space now for things like canned goods, condiments, cooking oils, chips and cereals.

All-Around Cupboard
The photo actually makes it look more cluttered than it really is. I don't have any of those little lazy suzan shelves and never really knew what I thought of them anyway. But I do have very defined spaces now for yucky vitamins, vinegars, coffee stuff, snacks, crackers and the surplus of flours and sugars that didn't quite fit in the canisters.

Next up:

Say hello to baking supplies and pasta.

Look at what I uncovered:

Yes. An entire empty drawer. I'm sure I will find a purpose for it in the near future...

Above the Stove:

Sugars, flour, oatmeal, rice, pinto beans, croutons! I have a love affair with clear plastic jars.

Spice Cupboard:
Nothing fancy, I know.


What's a kitchen cleaning project without cleaning out the fridge?
Yeah I know, I'm out of milk...

The Pantry:
slash utility closet, slash storage closet, slash CHALLENGING PROJECT! This was my biggest challenge probably. I really didn't know how to follow the whole "place for everything and everything in its place" rule with this one since it has to double (triple... quadruple...?) as an "everything else belongs here" space.

So there you have it. Week number one and a suhweet comfy kitchen!

(Yes, my kitchen does happen to have dishes in it, but if you will believe it, all those cupboards were in tip-top shape. Including my tupperware lazy suzan! Impressive, I know)

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Jenna said...

Looks like you're making good progress with your organizing! The kitchen is one area I try to keep up with regularly... though it's not easy without a dishwasher. :0/ That's another thing you can be grateful for - dishwashers save LOTS of time! (We're getting a portable one that hooks up to the sink - it will be so helpful, especially when our baby comes.)

I'm envious of your empty drawer! If I had one of those, it would be reserved for bibs, baby utensils and any other related items that could fit in there. :0) Perhaps that's what you'll use yours for?

Best wishes for Week 2 of your Organizing Challenge!