Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Personal Organizing Challenge

Knowing I'm going to be all-consumed with my baby in a shorter-than-I-realize time, I'm not real interested in the idea of cluttered disorganized spaces in our apartment. My nesting instinctual goal is to have a place for everything and everything in it's place and every place easy to be maintained.

I mentally calculated the number of rooms in our small home and came up with the great total of SIX (one being the man cave, so I more than likely will not be touching that one)--not including closets and pantries.

I further calculated myself to be a grand total of 32 weeks pregnant which gives me 8 weeks to go--give or take. That means that if I set aside one week per room, I should get it all done in time for little Baby Boo Boo to settle in to his new home and for us to be able to more focus on settling in with him.

The question therefore remains to be asked--can she do it? WILL she do it?


Compliments to a certain malady I didn't anticipate, I had a sad and slow and late start at it this week. Said-malady also had the nerve to go and swallow up the-many-good-intentions-of-my-homemaking-heart whole! So, while sitting on ice packs I used my sweet new 17.3" computer (complete with a quad-core processor!!--Big Guy tells me that's a pretty big deal) to peruse through various blogs I have stumbled across that offer just the inspiration I need. I started intermittently tackling drawers and shelves between ice-pack/incentive-packed-blog sessions.

There are many, and I should just be a dear to the authors and you and share all of them. But that would take too much time out of my organizing schedule, and I'm on the clock! Perhaps at a later date I will reveal all sources of inspiration, but for now I will highlight one such blog, and that is I love how practical her tips are. Those amazing women who somehow just throw together for two bucks magazine-worthy pantries lined with pretty glass jars and adorable chalk labels make me drool with jealousy. But alas, I am not so creative and possess miniscule resources to attain to such coolness.

That is why I loved the gist of Small Notebook--Why buy more stuff to hold your stuff? Amen, sister. Now I'm all excited. I'm going to kiss some trash bags goodbye!

Announcing to the world wide web my personal organizing challenge is a set-up for humiliating myself, I know... But it could also be the extra incentive I need to accomplish my goal. We shall see. So maybe at the beginning of every week I will reveal what I accomplished the week prior. And just a head's-up--Don't expect "before" pictures; they embarrass me.

If I never refer to this again, you will know I ultimately failed, but you will probably be so nice that you'll never let me know that you know. You know?

[Photo: My junk drawer after I pretty much filled up the kitchen trash can with all the junk that was in it. Do you think it will stay looking this nice? Time will tell...]


Jenna said...

Oh boy, can I relate to this! Our little baby is due in 2 1/2 weeks (though of course could come at any time)... and I still haven't gotten myself together. It hasn't helped that we moved and took three trips this summer. No excuses, though - I'm hoping this supposed "nesting instinct" kicks in very soon because I have a million things I want to do and organize before the little one arrives.

You will likely be able to get your apartment in order before you have your baby. I have more confidence in you than me, haha!

Hope you're feeling better from those awful hives. Best wishes in preparing for the blessed role of mother!

Janet said...

Your junk drawer looks really nice, Brittany! One thing I've learned over my years of homemaking is, even the littlest bit of cleaning or organizing makes a difference, cheers you up, and motivates you to go on. So sorry about your illness, but thank God for medicine. Love, Janet

Raquel said...

Your junk drawer looks so lovely, I may just have to organize mine. :-) I am inspired! :-)

Hopefully you're feeling better these days!

Raquel (

Rachel said...

Ooh, thanks, you're too kind! Please be sure to leave those last two weeks open for just lying on the couch, maybe going to see a movie, and eating take out. I totally understand the nesting kick, I was up on ladders and washing my husband's car. Take it easy too!