Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brant & Hannah's Wedding

One month ago, on June 18, 2010
Wedding bells rang for one of my best friends. I'm so happy for her & Brant.


Eight said...

What a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple--and what a cute little blonde haired moppet in that sweet dress. (It's nice to see a little girl And not to mention the beautiful bride and happy groom!Please tell Brant and Hannah that they had a gorgeous wedding and that I hope they continue to have that same look of love and pride in their eyes as they did in their wedding photographs for the rest of their marriage. May it be a long and happy one! God Bless Brant and Hannah!
Patricia (big fan of Kristina's Keepsakes)

Eight said...

(Oh dear, a bit of a typo there, I meant to say: "It's nice to see a little girl dressed appropriately and not in a strapless dress or even spaghetti straps, not to mention how nice it is to see a beautiful bride and happy groom!")

Erin said...

What pretty pictures! Did you take them?

Brittney said...

Thank you! Yes, I did take the pictures. I was the personal attendant to the bride so squeezed in candid photography when I could. :)