Friday, March 12, 2010

:: Jacob & Angel ::

I had the distinct privilege of being asked to do the candid photography at the wedding of a friend of mine. I love being a candid photographer. I get to go behind the scenes where not many others are allowed. I get to see a bride prepare herself for her wedding which is only the commencement of a marriage. I get to watch her excitedly arrange the silk and lace around her body. I get to see her nervousness, and her thrilled smiles. I get to go up front and watch the two of them look at each other during the ceremony and only guess at what they're whispering. It's my job to capture it all.... without the pressure of having to make perfect portraits. That's the other guy's job. [grins] Here's a handful of the images I got. They're definitely a very cute, twitter-pated couple. I'm so happy for them.

adjusting her veil
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a beautiful ring
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in lieu of a bouquet
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the groom's boutinere
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a hug with dad before he walks her down the aisle
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almost man and wife
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the kiss
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lost in the moment
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cutting the cake
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for always
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Kate said...

Aww! How lovely! Great job with the pics!

Charity said...

That is lovely Britt! So beautiful... you do a great job!

Erin said...

Great pictures! I am sorry...I have been reading your blog for about a year now and I have never left a comment. I really enjoy your blog. Stop by and check mine out out!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures turned out great!! Love the one of the boutinere and the 'lost in the moment' one. :) And yeah, being a candid photographer is definitely a "funner" job then that other guy's. :)