Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcoming Our Heroes Home

Both my husband and brother have been serving in Iraq for the last year. They deployed together, but were in different units, and ended up arriving stateside on separate days. Monday was Gabe's arrival.

My family showed up at my apartment early so we could make signs and banners for the guys.

:: :: ::

It was fun, and a great way to pass the minutes before we would finally get to load up in their van and go meet Gabe.

:: :: ::

Off to welcome a son home from the war.

:: :: ::

First hugs, Gabe & Anna (getting married this July!)

:: :: ::


:: :: ::

Together at last

:: :: ::

CUTE couple.

:: :: ::

Zack was so proud of his big brother

:: :: ::


:: :: ::

Baby Sis

:: :: ::

Another proud sister

:: :: ::

:: :: ::

The following day was when Andy arrived. Happiness!

Lady Liberty

:: :: ::

:: :: ::
I was so happy these two characters came along with me to take pictures and keep me sane while we waited and waited and waited.

:: :: ::

We had matching shirts (under our sweatshirts, obviously) which we planned... And matching jeans and boots, which we did not plan. Deep down I think we've always been sisters. We're just so grateful that Gabe decided to make it official for us.

:: :: ::

And the plane landed!! The soldiers step out on to (freezing cold) US soil, while fighter jets flew overhead. It was so, so, sooo cool.

:: :: ::

MY HUSBAND!!! I forgot all about my friends and family with me once I knew it was up to me to get into my husband's arms... They intended to get live footage of our first hug, but unbeknownst to me they got lost somewhere in the crowd. But they did manage to meet up with us before the first big long hug was over.

:: :: ::

Let me look at you!

:: :: ::

:: :: ::


:: :: ::
More kisses

:: :: ::

(My 4 year-old niece when she saw all the pictures: "Why are Andy and Brittney always, always kissing?")

:: :: ::

And then we had to say goodbye again.... For just a few more days......


Jessica Duarte Lima said...

sooooooo excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah (Photography by SM) said...

I love it! Lord bless you two!

Deborah said...

Awww!!!! The pics are so cute!!!!

As We Like It said...

Happy for you! :)

Brianna said...

I'm so happy that you'll soon be together again.

Little Green Pastures

Deborah said...

so happy for you!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Yay! I LOVE the happy pictures and I'm so, SO happy for you that they're both back!!

Kate said...

So happy he is home - almost!!!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

So sweet! I can't imagine how escited ya'll were! :)

P.S. Thanks for the recent comments on my blog. I think of you and our little blessings in heaven often.
"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die;..."
God has a perfect timing for eveything! Don't give up hope!

My Bright Corner said...


I was getting a knot in my stomach while scrolling down because of excitement just by looking at the pictures. :)

Yay....another American soldier home! THANK YOU for your sacrifice and THANK YOU, also to your husband, too! We wouldn't have our America without our soldiers!!!

Christine said...

Thanks for letting us see these glimpses into your precious first moments together. So very happy for you!

What a great gift Andy has in you...having you there waiting for him. Praise God for good marriages!!

Congratulations on making it to the finish line!

LeAnna said...

This was precious!

EG said...

Yay so exciting :)

Why did he have to leave again?

EG said...

i mean, why did he have to leave again after his homecoming?