Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

I'll never forget the day Andy left and the terrible ache I felt as we said our goodbyes. But then when I looked around the sea of soldiers with their families, I saw so many little children clinging to their daddies, begging them to come home, crying in their shoulders, not wanting to say goodbye. That brought tears to my eyes.

The other day I was once again in a sea of families and loved ones who's eyes were on the skies waiting and watching for a plane to come out of the blue, bringing home their soldier. Many of us had flags and signs. I had a couple flags in my hand, and I overheard a little guy tell his mommy, "I want a flag for daddy." I gave him one of mine, and he proudly held it high.

Later on that day after our brief reunion and the long drive back home, I watched the video clip my sister in-law took of the plane landing to re-live the thrill and excitement and utter emotion that filled that moment. And there, drowning out all the cheers and clapping and screaming were the childrens' voices, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! There's Daddy! Hi Daddy! Daddy's home! Daddy's HOME!"

And I realized that of all the brave people in the world, none are as precious as these little ones. Thank a soldier... Hug his child.
[IMAGE: proud brother Zack the day my brother flew in from Iraq.]


Australia said...

So true! It makes me cry just thinking of it. Thank you to you too...a soldier's darlin'! *hug* :)


Christine said...

You are quite an unselfish person to notice those around you in the midst of those times that were so emotional for yourself.

Our son will be almost 2 when my husband deploys next. Ever since he was little, whenever Daddy is gone, Tyler is not the same. It's hard to see him missing Daddy so badly and completely being too young to understand why Daddy is not here. I just pray that God gives me the wisdom I need to help Tyler during each "Daddy-less" time.

Anonymous said...

=) Oh goodness. *wiping tears*

elizabeyta said...

That one made me cry! Well said!

Anne said...

Great reminder...
Those little ones try hard to be brave, but they just want their daddy.

Miss Melissa said...

Awww. I loved reading this. :)