Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is It Really Odd?

Is it really odd that I absolutely adore the little evidences-of-himself my son leaves all over the house, even when I have just cleaned it? 

Is it really odd that I totally don't care that any drawer or cupboard within Jimmy's reach is not nor ever will be in perfect organized condition (not that the cupboards out of his reach are... ahem. I never claimed to be a perfect housekeeper!) and I kind of actually think it's cute?

Is it really odd that I--the one who used to think childrens' toys belong only in playrooms or nurseries--think his little car wash is absolutely adorable and goes quite nicely in the family/living/man cave room??
 Is it really odd that I purposefully leave his footwear on the rug just because it looks so stinking CUTE??
I do know that it is NOT really odd that I adore being his mommy....... Who wouldn't??

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Breanne said...

Hi there, I found your blog through a link from another blog (Chantal at Beautiful Song) and I have to say that I loved this post. I'm a mum of two little girls and I don't think that any of this is odd at all. I find myself doing many of the same things.
I also read your post on miscarriage and am SO glad you took the time to go there and write. I have a close friend who has miscarried two little ones and I have felt at a loss as to what to say and how to say it. So, thank-you.
P.S. I loved the shoes on the rug the best. =)