Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thinking About It

My house smells like baking pumpkins and a dirty oven. Ahh... So cozy and Autumn-ish. But I think I am going to need to quit putting off cleaning that oven since I am really tired of setting off that darn fire alarm. The last of the six loads of laundry is in the process of being folded and making me feel virtuous and on top of things (although, if you think about it, SIX loads of laundry for a family of three attributes to a great supply of procrastination around these parts).

If we're being honest here (which clearly we are considering I just admitted my faults which include dirty, dirty ovens and Mount Washmore as they say--among a host of other things I didn't mention, but that would cost me all day and possibly an appointment with a therapist at the end of it), I would have to say that the thought does frequently cross my mind in what this blog is really all about. Is it just me, or does it flounder?

It flounders, don't even lie.

I happen to believe that the things we do should have a purpose to them. God created us with a purpose in mind, and it is up to us to live to the hilt what He wants us to be. And there I go preaching a sermon as a big fat hypocrite. But really, as in life we frequently wonder, what is our purpose? What are we here to do? How do we better the lives of our future generation? Thus I wonder about my blogging. Is there a purpose for it? If so, what? ...Should I keep it as a neglected online journal of-sorts, documenting the life and times of our little family? BOOORing. ...Should I use it for recipes, crafts, DIY projects? Um, me? the expert of NOTHING??? ...Should I give it up? Yep. I just asked that. I DON'T KNOW I DON'T KNOW I DON'T KNOW! What do you think?

You see, part of my hang-up with the whole thing is that I have changed so much in the last several years, as anyone who has known me for any length of time can attest to. That's what happens when truth meets grace and you know freedom. But what's more, I still am changing. The metamorphosis stage has been a long one for me. Therefore I'm uncertain with the outflow of my heart and mind. Folks, I'm still getting to know me.... And that's what happens when you don't know how to grab on to grace.

And then on the more practical side of things, somehow now that I'm a mom on top of being an aspiring photographer, homemaker (maybe I should put 'aspiring' in front of that word too. Haha.), and most of all wife, my free time for pleasantries such as blogging is so minimal. Nap times only last so long!

So this is me being real and candid with you. I'm not sure if blogging is supposed to be my thing. I'm pretty sure if I wasn't me, I wouldn't even follow my blog. I'm so open to suggestions. How do I set this blog apart from other blogs? What makes me unique? 

While you think about, it let me move on to lighter topics since I'm in the mood to be random (although, if you're anything like me you would have quit reading a few paragraphs ago since there's not even a photo in this post. Yet.)...

Guess what? JIMMY IS WALKING! Last Saturday he got up from a four hour nap and took a step. Within a couple hours, he was walking all the way across the living room. It was a grand feat, and I was tickled to death for a couple reasons....a.) I'm so happy for him.You can just see it in his eyes, he loves this new mode of transportation. b.) Andy and I had bet back rubs about this topic the weekend before--I said he would be walking by the end of that week, and Andy said he would be walking by the end of the next week.With mere hours left on the clock for my bet, I was sure I had lost. But my boy came through for me! Ha.

Veteran's Day was a special day. I'm so proud to be married to an American hero. Seriously. You have no idea. Said-hero took this girl out on the town that day. A day-long DATE with Mr. Sexy Handsome! Yessss! A pair of Vietnam vets at Applebee's apparently took a liking to us and paid our bill. How sweet is that?

Deer hunting gun season is nearly here. That means there will be lots of just Jimmy and me time... And some girl time with my sister in-law Anna and baby niece Kailyn... And perhaps some extra blogging time. I don't know. It will hopefully be fun and not too lonely.

With every bit of that said, me thinks it is time to wrap this up. I am pretty sure the batteries in the fire alarm need to be changed. It should have gone off long ago....

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Brittany said...

You don't know me from Adam's house cat, but I just wanted to say I love to read your flounderings. I came across your blog quite by accident, but I keep coming back to read. Your sweet nature and clever way with words make me wish I really knew you I person. I think we'd get along well.

In a world of go and get and run and do, your blog is like a shady spot of simple inspiration. If for nothing else, know that sometimes honest simplicity is the most touching thing... Especially when all around us things are jazz to the max for attention!

Until heaven,
Another Brittany