Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Makings of a Monkey Party

Once upon a time, it was apparent that the little monkey was about to have a birthday. Because this monkey was well-loved and, well, had to be so stinking cute, the day could not go by without a monkey-sort of celebration. After all, what monkey doesn't like to party? So while the little monkey and his daddy playfully stayed out of Mommy's way, the festivities were set in motion.

To start out with, it was important that all his favorite peeps would be in attendance. A rough sketch of a monkey face was traced all over cute scrap book paper. They were cut out and made into invitations to send to all the little monkey's relatives in the near-province.

The little monkey had hairs on his head that needed some trimming before the big day. Not very many, mind you, just enough to be un-even.

And then food was made. The little monkey had an aunt that came over and cooked and baked up a storm with his mommy. Bite-sized meatballs, tortilla roll-ups, s'mores on a pretzel, pumpkin cakes and cupcakes... plus his loving grandmas were bringing taco dip and chips, vegetable pizza and yummy, yummy finger jello.

Grandm D came over and decorated monkey cakes. Did they ever turn out cute!

Painstaking, loving work.

Finally! The big fabulous day for the little monkey arrived! Oh the fun!

To show just how much little monkeys can grow in a year... His first outfits...

His first hat and pair of booties.

The little monkey's mommy decided that she needed to start him young on the wondrous delights of chocolate by creating a hot cocoa bar.

 Oh the sweet, sweet, sweetness.

And then it was time for the presents.
He almost got lost in them.  

 "All Done!"

(Opening presents is a big job!)


His favorite::: ONE WHOLE MONKEY CAKE to destroy, obliterate, smash, consume and go bananas over!

Our little monkey gave us one whole happy year, it was the least we could do to give him an entire day to celebrate his wonderful little self.


Rachel said...

Your little guy is adorable!! Looked like a fun bday - love the pics! And the cake! :)

~Rachel <3

Jennifer said...

Great job! Love the last picture. You did a great job on the cake.

Jessica said...

What a cute party!!

Lisl said...

Just thought I'd let you know, I'm pinning your hot chocolate bar pic. :) Love pinterest and am gearing up for Christmas.