Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Have a Funny Little Knot of Awe Deep Down

So that sounds something like what might be in a kid's song. But really, I've been walking on a cloud for the past week even while our little home here is dismantled and there's stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes and everything is upheaval and Jimmy's cutting a gazillion teeth. This feeling in the pit of my stomach is the result of a huge blessing in the form of a home that God dropped in our laps after I was going through a phase of, "Dear Lord, I like our itty bitty little home, and I'm perfectly content to dwell here. But a house to ourselves, a yard, a place to grow things... I would kinda like that. It can all be very tiny even. I'm just a little bit tired of concrete. But I can wait if I have to. This is a JSYK to you, God. No rush." I can't wait to tell you the story. It's pretty incredible. And it's still unfolding. But you know how you feel when God answers your prayers--even prayers that weren't really prayers, just thinking out loud to the Man upstairs--in ways you couldn't have possibly imagined... To the extent that when you look back at the original desire it looks like a mockery to what God really had in store? Yeah. That's that funny little knot down deep. Something along the lines of wowowowowowowowowWOW. And I am so, so grateful for One who can prove His love in ways He doesn't even have to. Thank you, Lord!

[totally random unrelated photo from like a month ago because picture-less blog posts are boring]


Jessica said...

I'm sooo happy for you. God is so good! Can't wait to hear more about it and see pictures :)

Anonymous said...

I know juuust what you mean, when he proves how much he loves us when he really doesn't have to :) I enjoyed this post very much, Thanks