Friday, July 1, 2011

8 Months Goes So Fast

I can't believe my baby boy is 8 months old now, as of two days ago. Seriously. How did that happen? I blinked, and I was even making it a point not to!

I love how smart he is. Of course I am his mother so naturally I'm going to think he's exceptionally smart. But really. He is! It is a blast watching him discover and learn so many new things.

Last weekend at his grandparents he finally got the whole waving thing down... And it was at the horses no less. He also started making this goofy, nose-crunched face and shows off his two adorable pearlies just to be silly. And then (seriously, get this:) he started signing the word "eat" in sign language. Ahhhh! I'm going to die of his sheer cuteness! It's so fun watching those gears spin in his blond little head when he begins to grasp a new thing.

He crawls now. He growls. He eats like a horse. He has big feet. He loves people. He weighs 21 1/2 pounds. He cries when he sits by the window if someone walks by and doesn't say hi. He has THE cutest smile in the whole wide world. It's so, so, SO much fun to be his mommy!

Do you know what else I can't believe? That I wrote this as the (boring) state of Iowa goes by.

 [Photo taken with my phone while Big Boy and I were out enjoying the evening sunshine last week]

This post was written en route from Wisconsin to Nebraska for a crazy fun fourth of July weekend with my sister's family. Due to blogging editing issues from my mobile device I couldn't post it until now (July 8th) that we are home and I have finally found--er, created!--a quiet moment.

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Jessica said...

Hahaha, don't you love how they're always surprising us with new things?!?! He's such an ADORABLE baby!!!