Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Patio Week!

Well, not lit-er-all-y. I totally made that up just now on the fly. But it could be patio week if you wanted it to be, because it is a free country and we can have patio week if we want. 

I was just in the mood to show off my patio. It's nothing particularly fancy or extravagant I will sadly admit. In fact, it's nothing but concrete and rocks and pavement. And it's itty bitty. And it was kind of ugly. You know, apartmentish blah. 

Blah. Blah.

It still is, to be honest. But I cheered it up this summer. Added some flowers and a purty wooden bench and I like it. 

So welcome to my little cement oasis.

(Bench, $35 at a neighbor's garage sale. Score! Perfect size for our little pad, and turns into a picnic table if you want, which I usually don't)

I have never been a gardener, but I was so desperate for something fresh and green to look at that I actually bought a number of plants, including a rose bush. Strange, I know. And they are surviving!

I even have an itsy bitsy herb garden. 

Do you have sunshine blooming on your patio? (Or doorstep, or sidewalk, or yard, or whatever it is you exit and enter your home from?) Will you celebrate patio week this week with me?


LeAnna said...

I think your patio looks darling! Ours is tiny, too. We're fixing to expand it with a lovely storm cellar underneath. Right now it is littered with kids toys, of the most attractive Fisher Price bright primary colored varieties. Woohoo. Or not.
Can I come over for some lemonade on your patio in celebration of patio week? ;)

Brittney said...

YES!!!! That would be pretty sweet.

Jessica said...

I love, love, love your patio :) and...I don't have one YET...we're building our house! I think yours looks awesome :)