Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photography, Spring and Other Useless Randomness

I am enjoying a quiet morning here sitting at my kitchen island with my computer, a host of photography websites and a really cute little baby watching me as he sits in his BebePod playing with his noisy, rattly little ball. Today I am looking forward to doing a photoshoot with a cute little one year-old girl and her pregnant mommy. It will be fun. My favorite thing in the world to photograph has got to be kids. Heaven knows I've had a lot of experience considering my fascination with photography began when I nannied a houseful of adorable nephews and a niece.

Spring is working on springing here in the snowy hole we live in. If you have any idea of how tired I am of snow you would wonder why I even live in Wisconsin. I wonder that too. Who in their right minds would think to settle here back in the day? All I know is it had to have been Summer, because Summer in this place is gorgeous.

As you can probably quite clearly see, I'm trying to get back into the groove of regular blogging. I used to be so good at it. Thanks to facebook and the simplicity of status messages, I have become accustomed to communicating with the world in a simple sentence or two. I guess it's time to read some good books by some good authors and become reacquainted with the usage of words and get back into the sync of journaling.

And for a final piece of randomness this sunshiney morning, my husband just had a realization. "Hey Babe?" He calls from the bedroom. "We have not had any family pictures taken of the three of us!" And he's right. Kind of makes this photographer feel like a hypocrite. ha.

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Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

And I'm glad you're back to blogging! Your little boy is adorable!