Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grateful 29/365

Grateful for my brother Zack and the way he keeps the world around him smiling...

Zack was recently visiting my sister who has a baby girl (Korynne) 8 weeks younger than James. She says, 

"Zack claims that James is his kid. When I try to tell him otherwise, he argues with me. So then I asked if he wanted to hold Korynne (since I assumed he was just on a baby kick) but he adamantly refused, saying he'd probably hurt her." 

Zack has, on many occasions, begged to come over, promising that I wouldn't have to do anything. He would babysit Jimmy and I could go take a nap. (yeah, I probably wouldn't sleep so good, but the thought is sweeter than sweet!)

Before James was born, I was never fond of the name "Jimmy" (it has since grown on me). But no matter what I said, Zack always insisted throughout my pregnancy that he couldn't wait for me to have Baby James and that he was going to call him "Jimmy-my-boy". 

I think part of his utter infatuation with Jimmy is due largely in part to his prayers during my pregnancy. Zack was devastated when I miscarried in March 2009 and still talks about it. He was always concerned about the baby while I was pregnant this time around and I know, cute little prayer warrior that he is, he was sure to let God know that he loved Jimmy-his-boy and desperately wanted to hold him.  


Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart. :)

S said...

That's too sweet! In working with special needs before, some have the sweetest hearts and it makes my heart melt to watch the way they love and pray for others. It blesses and inspires me! Thanks for sharing. :)

Kristi said...

What a precious post, Britt. I've never met Zach, but I am always smiling when I see his pictures or hear something about him. He is such a sweet young man.


elizabeyta said...

This post was lovely and brought tears to my eyes. You are lucky for your brother.



Anonymous said...

That's so sweet!! I bet Jimmy will be big buddies with his Uncle Zach!


Arlene said...

Such a sweet story; I know you can't wait to share the story with Jimmy-his-boy when he's older. :o)