Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do You Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a search engine much like Google, but you are rewarded in points --er, Swagbucks, that are redeemable for a huge number of things. Gift cards are among the most popular and there's a huge assortment available for restaurants, hotels, Starbucks, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Target, Overstock, cash in PayPal, or my personal favorite:

It is simple to use. Everything you would normally "Google", "Swagbucks" it. I now have the habit of taking an extra second to just type in my swagbucks toolbar the site I want to go to in their search engine (i.e., "blogger", "gmail", "facebook", etc.). Swagbucks are randomly awarded. Sometimes just a few (like, 4 or so), sometimes a lot (the other day I got 53). There are also numerous optional offers you can participate in that will award you oodles (I signed up for a free trial of Netflix and got 1,000 SB).

Last night I realized just how advantageous my Swagbuck involvement has been. I was adding the gift cards to my Amazon account, and there sits $40 just waiting to go towards my next purchase (I'm thinking a lens, or maybe lighting equipment?). And then I decided to count up my used gift cards to see how much "money" I have actually made with Swagbucks. To date -- including the ones I have yet to use -- it came to $270.

Two-hundred and SEVENTY dollars!

Granted, I can't feed my family off of it... But it's sweet to think there's an extra $270 in my checking account at the bank because I got to use Swagbucks. What could YOU do with $270 at Amazon? (Or Paypal, or Target, or Starbucks, or...?)

So folks, I am here to tell you that Swagbucks is not a scam. It requires patience, and the habit of Swagbucks searching. But it does eventually pay off. And really, who would complain about $270?

Click on the link to sign up today. 

Search & Win


LeAnna said...

Looove me some swagbucks. I got 53 the other day, too! I was shocked, I've never gotten that many. I do feed my family with it, though. Haha, I bought some fancy bittersweet chocolate using amazon cards the other day. ;)

Anne said...

I just did a post about Swagbucks too! Gotta love Swagbucks:).

Anonymous said...

Thank-You Brittany!
I got my mom to sign up the day you posted this, and she earned 1,069 the first day :)
We're so thrilled, and it's all thanks to you of course!