Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spruce Up Your Coffee

I have a deep-rooted problem in my life. I actually think it might be more than a problem... It's even worse than a conflict. Seriously. It may possibly be a mental disorder. You see, (here goes my confession) My name is Brittney and I. am. a. cheapskate. I sometimes pinch pinched pennies, that's just how bad I am.

So when I'm in the coffee aisle at the grocery store enjoying the savory aroma of high-quality beans and I reach for that cute little sack of coffee I try to avoid eye-contact with the price tag. It never works though. Why does it have to be so much cheaper to buy a tub of the boring grounds?? I ask myself as I try to talk to my money-conscious [deformed] brain cells about how much better the gourmet stuff tastes.

Believe it or not, I have finally found a solution. And no, it has nothing to do with flavored creams or syrups or any other such foo-foo, as my father in-law calls it. It's just a simple little procedure you perform right before the brewing process begins. It goes like this...

Pour your water and scoop your cheap grounds as usual. And then.... (this is the good part....) SPRINKLE GROUND CINNAMON OVER GROUNDS. Brew. Pour coffee into mug. Add your foo-foo if that's what you usually do.

Tastes gourmet, I tell you! Well, I think so anyway. Besides, cinnamon is known to enhance brain cells and make you smarter. What could be a better way to start your day than with caffeine to get your energy going, and cinnamon to get your brain cells activated? Seriously.

So maybe I am too easily excited (but who wouldn't be when they have learned to work with the demented brain cells in their head?)....


Jessica Duarte Lima said...

yummm, sound very good! I'll just have to try that! I LOVE coffee! Thanks for the tip! Hope you and your little fellow are doing well :-)

beka said...

You're seriously too cute.
We pinch pennies a lot in other places, but I guess my Dad and I are just not ever letting go of the gooder stuff.... but heck, whatever works for people!
Actually, we get a pretty sweet deal at our co-op for around $15 for 2lb of good quality, whole bean, dark roast. Ohhhhh my goodness. So good. :)

I really ahve to try putting cinnamon on the grounds....what a splendid idea! Thanks dear!

Sharon said...

My husband likes to tweak coffee too (yeah, we're penny pinches too) and he does cinnamon sometimes and/or nutmeg. try it! You can even add a little vanilla.