Thursday, July 22, 2010


My 5 year-old niece in recent conversations...

"Naps are not good for you. You have to close your eyes and then you can not see anything!!"

"Ohh, I wike you so bad!"

Coming up to me and pats my tummy exclaiming, "Man! Yow baby is getting fat. Can you still see yow toes?"

Accompanied with hugs and kisses--"Mmmmm, I wuv you! I wiss I couwd mawwy you if I was a boy."


Kate said...

Ha ha! I love the "can you still see yow toes?!" That is too cute!

beka said...

Oh, man--- "I wike you so BAD!!!"
Yes. That's just the way to say it. ;)

Love the nap quote! Gosh, so cute.

Melissa Searle said...

Bahahaha, what a crack up! :)
Kids surely do "say the darndest things!" hehe ;)