Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Need To Buy a Fly Swatter

...I need to buy a fly swatter... I keep telling myself that. I write it on my lists, I remind myself constantly, but somehow I never buy a fly swatter. I come home from the store and a fly buzzes my nose and I realize I forgot yet again to buy a fly swatter. But then one morning, I got up to find this little prince on my kitchen sink. I asked myself, Do I really need a fly swatter now???


S said...

I've found a scorpion in my house before, but never a pretty little guy like that. :)

Melissa Searle said...

Hey Britt! :)
Long time no talk... So popping by your blog now to catch up Hehe!
You found that thing on your sink? Im sure i would have died if i saw it on mine. Haha ;) Scary! But i guess he is kinda cute....and No i dont reckon you need a swatter with him around! Lol :)