Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Bells

Unfortunately, we do not have the digital rights to our professional pictures, so the ones taken by friends and family will have to suffice.

The big day arrived in style, bringing with it, one snazzy limo to bring us girls to the church to commence the great project of getting ready.

:: :: ::

Wouldn't you know, I was on my phone. What bride isn't the morning of her wedding?

:: :: ::

The hair brigade.

:: :: ::

Shoes! The bridesmaids still hate me for making them wear these.

:: :: ::

Curling, and curling, and curling.....

:: :: ::
Janae was so adorable! She was so proud of the glittery eye-shadow she got to wear.

:: :: ::
Putting on the veil

:: :: ::
Ooo, lipstick too!

:: :: ::

Gram'a Norma

:: :: ::
Helping her with her "mittens"

:: :: ::

My beautiful bouquet, compliments to Andy's aunt who is a florist in Chicago.

:: :: ::

Standing at the altar, becoming man and wife

:: :: ::

Yay! We did it!


Chantel said...

haha- those look exactly like the shoes I wore in my best friend's (now sister-in-law!)wedding. I'd never really worn any sort of heel, and felt like a duck walking. Especially since the three extra inches made me taller than the best man (who is now my hubby) and feel totally silly. I kept them tho, cuz they are pretty. ;)

Fair Maiden said...

Your dress was so pretty! :) I've loved seeing your story in Pictures! :)

Cheyne said...

The pictures are lovely.... love the one of you two with the 'glowing' cross behind.
Yes, your wedding gown is very pretty; where'd you get it?

Gretchen said...

Hi - I found your blog from my friend, Morgan. Anyhow, I just had to comment and say that I was so excited to see these pictures because you wore the same exact wedding dress as me at my wedding (August 2009). So cool!!! I thought the dress was the most gorgeous dress I had ever seen (and still think that). Did you get it from Beautifully Modest?
Btw- I love looking at your amazing photography skills!

Brittney said...

Wow, and here I thought I had some original choices for my wedding... Haha.

@Chantel: My bridesmaids insisted that they have an arm of a groomsman for going both down the aisle and back up again... as opposed to my first choice of them groomsmen entering with the groom. LOL. Funny thing is, all 5 of them still have their shoes.... ;)

@Gretchen, that is soooo bizarre that you wore the same dress and got married the same month I did (different year, but who's counting ;)). CRAZY! But cool too ;) Yes I ordered it through Beautifully Modest. Crazy thing was, I never tried on any dresses... Just saw that one online, fell in love with it, ordered it and it fit perfectly! The only adjustment was of course in the length.