Saturday, April 11, 2009

Because He Lives

I have a completely different perspective of Easter this year than I ever have. When I hear songs about the cross, they come across with so much more meaning now. It seems as though the death of my baby has only emphasized the reality of what Christ's life, death, burial and resurrection was all about.

The love that caused our Savior to suffer was precious. I have always known that. But now somehow I am more keenly aware of how tremendous it was, and how specific and intimate it is to us--to each created human being. I am overwhelmed to think that not only was the Old Rugged Cross for my redemption... but it paid the price for my baby. When He was on the cross, not only were you and I on His mind; but even my baby was.

And not only that, but He bore the pain that day that I'm feeling now. He knew this heartache, He knew this sorrow, and He willingly took it to the cross that day.

I don't know... Maybe it's just because as a mother I rejoice to think that my child has the same salvation that I have experienced. It overwhelms me to think that Jesus actually loved my baby just as much and more than I did. I just can't imagine that kind of love.

Because He lives, not only is the future of my husband and I secure and sure; but so is our baby's. And because He lives, we will one day hold our little sweetheart in our arms in the place where the little lambs will lie with the lions and all things will be made new.

Happy Easter.


Shannon said...

I very much relate to what you've said. Not only can we more fully appreciate what our Savior did for us, but we can understand to a degree the pain the Father felt upon "losing" His own Son and know that He does know our pain of losing a child. But because His Son died on the cross, we know that we, and our children, will Live.

Julie said...

Happy Easter, Brittney.

MelodyNicole said...

Hello, Brittney,
I found your blog through the ylcf and I was so blessed to read your story! I wondered where you got your wedding dress? It is just lovely!! I'm recently engaged and so that's why I'm asking..


Si said...

Andrew and Brittney,
God definitely uses these trials to make us stronger and to draw us closer to Him. We don't always see His purpose right away, but I pray God would give you strength and grace and that he would show you some of the good that he has promised to bring - Romans 8:28

Kristy said...

A very sweet post - thanks for sharing that!