Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Love Amazes Me

I fell deeply in love 6 months ago and have learned things about love that my wildest dreams would have never comprehended. Its depth amazes me, its power holds me, its tenderness touches me, its passion burns my soul and its beauty reaches places in my heart I have never been.

For Andy and me, our situation as newlyweds is unique in comparison to most couples. Military life brings many separations. We don't necessarily get to enjoy the bliss of marriage at all times. We have been married for one month and eight days and are already enduring the loneliness of over a two-week separation. We're hundreds and hundreds of miles apart with limited communication.

The long and short of it is... it's painful. Nights are long and dreary; days are incredibly lonely. One thing I was quick to discover was that love has the potential of being either the ultimate bliss or the deepest ache.

But the silver lining to the very dark cloud is that the absence we are dealing with brings about a deeper love and an even brighter flame of passion. Appreciation for my husband is only heightened.

There is not a moment that we are together that I can take for granted. And from those moments come the vivid memories that I live off of now. The memory of that look in his eye as I walked own the aisle on our wedding day... The memory of kissing in the rain.... The memory of dancing in the moonlight in Mexico.... The memory of him carrying me over the threshold of our first "home".... It's those memories of love that sees us through the times of separation, and heightens the anticipation of being together again and getting to experience the joy of our union.


Anonymous said...

aw, my dear, that was just BEAUTIFUL!! Made me want to cry, both out of joy and loneliness for you!!! I am so happy for you two, and I hope that your times of separation pass quickly! I miss you... and I am so glad this blog page loaded over here for once! :)

((((((((((((((hugs, prayers, love and blessings to you!)))))))))))))))
<3 <3 <3
Rachel M. -

Ruth Ann said...

beautiful, Brittney. :) I'm sorry for you that you have to endure the separation 'cause I know it has to be hard (and I don't even really *know*) It was great to see a post on here though...***remembering back to those days on your other blog*** Well, may God bless you and continue give both you & Andy STRENGTH!

~ Ruth Ann

jenna said...

Even though I'm not yet married and can't completely relate, I do know that distance between ourselves and the ones we love helps us gain greater appreciation for them.

I have heard, and believe, that when you are married, both your joys and your sorrows increase.

May there be a time when you and your beloved no longer suffer the ache of separation. In the meantime, I hope you'll find a way to fill the time you are apart with something that eases the pain.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on marriage on your site. Even though you are a young newlywed, your example of love and devotion is radiantly beautiful. I look forward to a time when I can relate better. ;) (I'm 28 and although I'm unsure of whom I will marry, I hope this time of waiting will help me appreciate my husband even more once we are together.) :)

How wonderful that God has blessed you in His perfect time! <3

Holly Kae Photography said...

A very beautiful post! Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

Amen to that!

Happy to hear from the newlyweds! :)

Married life is WONDERFUL!

Kristi said...

Been there, sweetheart! Just make the moments count when you're together. I know you will.


Arlene said...
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Arlene said...

What a wonderful post expressing just how every military wife feels at one point or another! My husband was deployed about 4 months after we married, so I understand exactly where you're coming from.

Those four months were seemingly endless at the time, but they did, in fact, end. And though we are facing another separation in the near future, I know our marriage is stronger for all that we've been through.

There are many who don't understand, and a few who "advised" us that we should have waited to marry until he returned, but we were under the strong, Godly counsel of our parents and pastor, and if I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing!

I agree with your comment on my recent post -- keep busy! It was how I survived our first deployment and TDYs afterward.

Arlene said...

Oops, sorry for the extra post. I deleted the double comment, lol!