Thursday, October 16, 2008

So I Realize I'm Random

As I was going about my day on facebook (well, part of my day. Generally speaking I do have a life outside of facebook. I think.) I happened to notice once again in my information (just below that adorable picture of a totally handsome hunk kissing me) the relationship status (realize of course, that I was already aware of it, I just had to take a moment to notice it again).

"Married to Andrew J"
And it made my day.

I realize I'm lucky.


Anonymous said...

Do you consider it luck? Congratulations on your marriage:)

sydney said...

God sure takes care of His own. I love the quote from an old Hayley Mills movie: "God's in His heaven, all's well with the world."

All my best and congratulations to both of you on such a happy marriage!

Shalom! :-)

Just A Thought said...

Congratulations! God Bless You on this new and awesome journey. :o)

Just A Thought said...
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Amanda said...

Your a beautiful young woman, so obviously in love! "Lucky" you!! LOL

Bless you both heaps and heaps.

ps. of course you don't consider it luck (in response to the 1st comment)! One only has to read your Wedding and love story posts, to know that!

Jenna said...

Your left hand probably also serves as a good reminder of your new "status". :)

Looks like you've found something to keep you busy during the time of separation. ;) What a blessing to have family and friends to make use your talents!

mel said...

How sweet. =)

Sheri said...

Brittney, I haven't had time to write for so long and want to send you a big hug and CONGRATULATIONS across the internet!!! You were a BEAUTIFUL bride and your wedding pictures are gorgeous!

I am also praying for you during your time away from Andrew as he's training and will deploy in the future... from one proud military wife to another, you can get through this with the Lord's strength and help. He is faithful and will do amazing things in your marriage and your lives as you trust Him.

Blessings to you dear sister in Christ! And congratulations again!

Arlene said...

Awww, don't be ashamed of the randomness! :o) And, never get over the excitement of being married to your best friend and true love!

P.S. I like you, too... even if you don't share my opinion of what's tasty. ;o)

P.P.S. I only ever ate the squid, salmon, octopus, and cow tongue one time each (um, not in the same day, LOL). And, I didn't choose the items myself; someone else offered them to me, so I was really just being polite and giving the stuff a try!